Annual Subscriptions 2016

(No change from 2015)

Members are reminded that, in accordance with the rules of the Society, subscriptions and all other annual fees and charges, with exception of caravan rent, are payable on 1st January 2016.  Failure to pay by 29th February 2016 will involve loss of membership and consequential need to pay a new entrance fee or other payment as determined by the Committee of Management.
Our preferred, method of payment for this coming year is by using the Direct Debit Scheme. The great benefit of the DD scheme is that you should never have to pay any interest on your account.  You will of course be charged any fees and an admin fee for any returned DD collections.  You can choose to pay Membership and Facility Fees in ten equal monthly instalments (first instalment January 2016) if the annual total is greater that £200.00.  You still have an option to pay by other methods, but I would very much prefer you to use the DD scheme.  
Full Flying £474
Seniors (Midweek only) £328
Age 14- 21 £20
Under 26 £132
Social (max 10 flts as P2) £77
Family Access Facility Membership
(Non Flying immediate family member of a Flying Member) £5
Overseas Membership (For Full Flying members temporarily living abroad) £132
Temporary Membership (Daily, limited to 8 days per year.  Must be members of a BGA affiliated club with current medical) £10
Guest Membership (Daily limited to 12 guests per year) £5
Tug Pilots Levy £108
Entrance Fees
Full Flying £72
Seniors (Midweek only) £72
Age 14 - 21 £Nil
Under 26 or in full time education £25
Single Seat Glider Options
Unlimited single seat soaring
No soaring fees on any single seat glider £825
Unlimited single seat soaring with 9 day hire
No soaring fees on any single seat glider £1257 

Short Stay Fees

Accommodation    Daily     Weekly     Monthly
Caravan Site         £7.50     £40.00     £100.00
Tents                     £5.00     £21.00     n/a 
Bunkhouse Single Room     £22.00  
Bunkhouse Single B&B       £25.00
Bunkhouse Double Room   £40.00  
Bunkhouse Double Room B&B £50.00

Launch Fees

Type of Launch Price
Winch £9.00
Winch before 10am £8.00
Winch CBSA £2.60
Aerotow 2000' £35.50
Every additional 500' £3.70

Flying Fees

The maximum chargeable time for all gliders is 2½  hours for each flight.
Failure to log a landing time will incur a maximum charge.
Aircraft Type     Price Per Minute Max Charge
K13                 £0.57                     £85.50
K21                 £0.59                     £88.50
Duo Discus,
DG1000           £0.65                    £97.50
Grob 102         £0.57                    £85.50
Discus             £0.62                     £93.00
Motor Gliders
Motor Falke
(Standard Hiring & NPPL Training)
Type Price
Hobbs Meter £1.55 per min
Type Price
Power Flying £144.00 per hour
Aerotow Retrieve
£1.22 per Km

Glider Facility Fees

This gives the right to base and operate a glider from Lasham and to keep it in a trailer on the site.  By making a Glider Facilities fee or Hangarage payment you certify that the named glider(s) are fully insured as follows:
single seat gliders below max take off weight of 500kg £1,000,000 third party risks or
single seat gliders 500kg and above max take off weight £1,750,000 third party risks or
two seat glider combined policy of £2,000,000 third party risks and second seat with minimum passenger seat allocation of 100,000 SDR equivalent to approximately £85,000
Gliders will not be flown without a valid Certificate of Airworthiness.
Glider North Side £464
Glider South Side £422
Vintage Glider (must have first glider at full price) £232
SLMG £1,030
Powered Aircraft £1,442
Hangarage Fees
This gives the right to base and operate a glider from Lasham and to keep it in the hangar. (Club aircraft of up to 15m in the hangar will attract a 20% discount.)
Up To 15m £1,298
More than 15m £1,628
SLMG £2,652
Powered Aircraft £3,605
Winter Storage £108
Touring Caravan £320
Static Caravan £580
20' Log Cabin £1,400