Two Day Gliding Course


Week End Course
With a full six aerotow launches over a weekend this option will really work on your gliding skills. What's more, as part of a small group with its own instructor, you will get a real taste of learning at Lasham.

The Weekend Course includes 3 month's trial membership of Lasham Gliding Society, during which additional training may be taken.

Join as a full flying member within your free membership period and there will be no entrance fee to pay.

All we require is a £50 deposit to book online or you can pay the full amount of £300. We will then contact you to confirm dates etc. If we cannot provide the dates requested we will of course refund in full via Paypal

Weekend course prices and dates are on our prices and dates page.

Why not extend your stay with us?

Lasham can make an excellent holiday base and you can enjoy additional training flights at normal member rates.

Things to Remember
No alcohol must be consumed before flight. Your instructor will refuse to fly with you if he suspects you have been drinking.

People under 18 years of age will require written consent of a parent or guardian.

If you are less than 7 stone (45kg) or more than 16 stone 4lb (103.5 kg approx.), you may not be able to fly. Also very tall people, more than 6ft 4ins, will have difficulty fitting into the cockpit.

Bring sunglasses, sensible clothing appropriate for standing and walking on an exposed airfield. Be preapred for sun, wind and rain, this is England after all.

The following conditions may cause difficulty while flying. Sufferers from any of these are advised to obtain medical opinion: bronchitis, asthma, sinus disease, ear disease, defective vision (eg, inability to read a car number plate at 25 metres - corrective glasses may be used), migraine, diabetes of any form, kidney stones, psychiatric disorders, severe motion or travel sickness, any condition requiring treatment with drugs of any kind. 

You are further advised that; if you normally wear spectacles, you should always carry a readily accessible spare pair.

Minor illnesses, drugs and the donation of blood may make you temporarily unfit to fly.

Please read the Mandatory Safety Notes a copy must be signed before flying