February 16, 2014


Another great talk last Saturday! Chris presented a very informative and amusing background to his family and the history of Hagley Hall and Park.The marathon task of restoring the Park (over 300 acres) has to be admired for the sheer enthusiasm he has for the project.  The first part of restoring the Cascades hopes to be completed by the end of April, with a visitor centre envisaged by the end of July.  If you wish to see this fantastic achievement I suggest that you arrange to go to Hagley before the mad rush of visitors in August!  Thank you Chris for a very enjoyable talk.


Next talk is on Saturday 22nd February - MODERN FLIGHT SIMULATION by Ian Strachan. Please be seated by 6pm prompt and if you wish to eat afterwards please contact Matt or Dan (01256 381910) to reserve a place in the restaurant