Solo to Bronze

There are two basic course classifications, The Solo to Bronze and the Bronze to Silver, both are aimed at consolidation and progression through training.

The aim is to train towards the requirements of the Bronze or Silver badge and includes two-seat flying and solo flights.

Solo to Bronze

As much as possible we deal with the practicalities of gliding and whilst a small amount of theory work is necessary, it is never forgotten that this should not outweigh the practical considerations of our sport. Classroom work is directed towards the requirements for the Bronze written exam but always with the emphasis on the soaring pilot.

Although we recommend you have access to a glider it is not wholly necessary. A Grob 102 glider may be booked for those requiring it subject to availability.

Although the intention is to work towards completing the Bronze requirements, the final flying and handling test can only be completed with signed permission from your CFI, (please see details on the Bronze application form).
See Club Calendar for dates of Solo to Bronze courses