Lasham believes that low numbers mean high achievement and because of this we limit the number of pupils per instructor and glider to two. 

The courses run midweek and are available from May to September as shown below and costs £780.



Start Date (2020)

End Date (2020)

Monday 4th May 

Thursday 7th May 

Tuesday 26th May 

Friday 29th May

Tuesday, 1st September

Friday 4th September


Your course fee includes: 

  • 6 months full flying membership included. First month starts month before date of course.
  • Facility to re-enlist for a further 6 months at the end of the initial 6 month period, on request, without being charged the normal “joining fee” subject to completing 3 month probationary period.
  • Thereafter continue as an annual member under our normal membership subscription practices
    • No joining fee to continue as a full flying member.
  • Guaranteed 2 to one “staff instructor” ratio for the course. 
  • A limited number of winch launches and aerotows (2000’) included in the package with instructional flying included.
  • 5 day course:  10 winch launches, 4 aerotows.
  • 4 day course:  8 winch launches, 3 aerotows.
    • Extra flights, including flying time, to be charged at member’s rates.
    • Aerotows above 2000’ to be charged (for the excess height) at members rates.
    • The ability to take time off during the course week (half or full days).
      • To be notified to the Office at least 7 days in advance, except for emergency.
      • No refund for time away from the course.
      • Unused launches or minutes as below.
    • Carry over unused winch/aerotows due to any reason (weather / LGS failure / student absence) into the next 6 months:
      • Unused launches to be flown on the bookable list with any available instructor, not a staff instructor.  
    • First 25 mins (aerotow) flying time on these flights will be “free of charge”.
    • First 10 mins (winch) flying time on these flights will be “free of charge”.
    • Extra minutes charged at members rates.
    • We have cheap basic accommodation on-site and there are a good number of B&Bs and hotels nearby.

      If you have any questions about the course, give us a call on 01256 384900