From 10th to 25th (last flying day) we will be holding the European Gliding Championships at Lasham. The planning for this competition started over 2 years ago, and at the initial stage it was made clear to the FAI that Lasham intended to continue its club operations while the competition was in progress. As a result, a set of operating protocols were agreed, and then tested and refined over the last two Nationals. It has worked well and most members have been surprised that a comp has had little impact on their flying.

The operating procedure for the European Championships will follow the same procedure as last year with a couple of small additions. As a reminder, I have listed them below.

  • The competition runs for almost 3 weeks, with the first few days being set aside as unofficial practice days. During this time, we will still be operating as normal with club operation from the main runway. The first official practice day is Thursday 10th of August, and from that date we will stop winching operations during the day time.
  • We will adopt the split operating procedure with the competition using the main runway and the entire South side of the airfield. The club aerotow launching will take place from the North side grass. All club flying circuits will be on the North side.
  • Due to the winch being out of action during the day full flying members will have available reduced price aerotows. 1500ft for £10. Limited to a max of 3 per day.
  • When the competition starts launching we will suspend club launching, and it will not commence until the Competition Director and the CFI agree that there is no safety risk with the number of gliders in the local area.
  • All club flying circuits will be on the North side and should be started at a normal height. Any form of racing finish is expressly forbidden.
  • Any club pilot launching on a cross country flight is expected to start their task as soon as possible and not loiter in the local area.
  • Club tasks will be set at the 09:30 cross country briefing. These will be different from the competition tasks to ensure the safety of the competition pilots, and more importantly the sporting fairness of the comp. Under no circumstances should a club pilot try to fly the competition task as this may result in the British team members being disqualified, and it will certainly result in the member being stopped from flying at Lasham until the end of the season.
  • Once the competition has finished each day the evening groups will fly as normal.
  • The morning briefings will cover all the airfield operating procedures for the day, so if possible please try to attend these.