The Fleet

Lasham can boast one of the best fleet of aircraft of any gliding club in the world. A full range of aircraft are available to our members to take them from ab-initio through solo to cross country flying. As your skills improve you are able to progress through more sophisticated sailplanes and on to top-line racing machines which are the gliding equivalent of a Formula One racing car.
Two Seat Gliders:
5x ASK21: Our main two seat glider is the ASK21 of which we have five in our fleet, a German built two seat trainer well known for being one of the safest and most adaptable two seat trainer available on the market.
3x ASK13 We also have the ASK13 in our fleet, we continue to use this glider for advanced training including spinning and is well known as being a rugged and reliable training aircraft.
1x Duo Discus Turbo: The Duo Discus gliders provide cross country training to our members and opportunities to explore flying in foreign countries. The sustainer engine allows you to get home if the thermals stop!
Falke Motorglider: Our Rotax Falke allows for Field Landing/Navigation training as well as TMG Conversion for those wanting to explore powered flight.

ASK13                                                    ASK21                                          



Duo Discus                                                             Falke Motorglider

Flickriver: GliderFX Flickr Group pool  Falke

Single Seat Gliders

4x Grob 102 Standard Astir III

3x Discus B         


Discus B                                                           Grob 102

               Grob Astir Flight. - YouTube

Winch & Tow Aircraft:

Lasham are fortunate to be able to run 5 Towplanes (4 Robin DR400s and 1 Piper PA25 Pawnee). These tugs are fully owned by the club but maintained at Goodwood. We also have access to several other towplanes owned by our members which allows us to muster up to 10 towplanes when the demand requires.

Lasham's other launching system is by winch with a 8.2 V8 engine using modern industrial grade dyneema cable to launch to 3000ft above site in under 60 seconds.
  Winch                                                              Towplane
Jordan on Twitter: "Breezy day on the airfield means winch launches to  2000ft and beyond! Perfect winter day. #gliding #lasham… "                                      YouthFlying | Reflections, Ramblings and Rumblings