The Fleet

Lasham can boast one of the best fleet of aircraft of any gliding club in the world. A full range of aircraft are available to our members to take them from ab-initio through solo to cross country flying. As your skills improve you are able to progress through more sophisticated sailplanes and on to top-line racing machines which are the gliding equivalent of a Formula One racing car.

13 Club 2 seat gliders (K-13s, K 21, DG1000 & Duo-Discus)

K13                                       K21                                          


3 x Discus  3 x Grob 102



5 Towplanes (3 Robin DR400, 180 hp Super Cub, Pawnee)

2 x 2-drum Skylauch winches with clearance to launch up to 3000 feet, providing 30+ launches per hour when operated together

Lasham also operates a Falke Rotax powered motor glider.


Lasham runs a fleet of 9 ASK13 training gliders.  These gliders are recognosed as the best glider available today for basic training

Tow Aircraft

Lasham are fortunate to be able to run 5 Towplanes, fully owned by the club but maintained at Goodwood. We also have access to several other towplanes owned by our members which allows us to muster up to 10 towplanes when the demand requires.