Dear fellow members,

I am delighted to announce to all members an exciting competition at Lasham in 2016.  As prequel to the Europeans being held at Lasham in 2017, Lasham announces LashamGlide.

To learn more about this exciting comp, and how you could take part, click on the image below...

LashamGlide Logo

I am also delighted to announce to all members that the 2016 Lasham Regionals competition will take place in the week of 28th May to 5th June 2016.  So please get that date in your diaries!!

Further information about Entry Fee, Comp Director etc will follow soon.



2016 Lasham Regionals

The 2016 Regionals Competition takes place from Saturday 28th May - Sunday 5th June.If you would like to enter this competition please contact the office on 01256 384900.There is a £50.00 deposit to be paid and the balance of £120.00 to be paid eight weeks before the competition start date. 

Are The Regionals For Me?

Do you have a Bronze C? Are you close to your Silver? Perhaps you’ve just got it or expect to get it on the first decent day of next season?  Maybe you have already done a number of solo cross countries and would like a challenge?

If so, please consider entering the Lasham Regionals yourself. We anticipate that this competition will be very popular, so please contact the Lasham office to book your entry and keep an eye on the Lasham web-site which will be updated regularly.There are two ways you could do this. 
Firstly, enter yourself in your own glider if you have one or hire a Lasham single seater, there are three Grob 102s to
chose from and three lovely Discuses. The whole fleet  now have brand new trailers to replace the old tatty ones so that retrieve will be much less of a worry!

Did you know that if you are under 26 years old (and for the purposes of this competition, by the time of the May/June Regionals) then you are able to apply to Lasham for a bursary to help fund the hiring of a Lasham glider? The bursary money comes out of the Youth Fund.  It’s added to by generous members and held in trust by Lasham itself. You need to contact Werner Stroud, the Lasham General Manager, in the first instance to apply for and take advantage of this fantastic scheme. If the thought of that worries you, then please consider this, another option for your first gliding competition.We're planning to get hold of private owners that have their own two-seater gliders, Duos, DG1000s Nimbus 3ds etc and persuade some of them to enter their glider into the May/June Regionals. The idea is to have multiple P1s, and/or syndicate partners and  match them to less experienced P2s... you for example! Why not join up with one or two others in a similar position to you in terms of experience to make up a team entry?  The idea is that a rota would
be drawn up allocating days to pilots. Not everyone might be able to commit to a whole week but could fly on certain days. The costs of entry (£170) and aerotows would then be shared between everyone in the team.

Lasham also has at least three competitive two seaters which could be hired, two K21s and a DG1000.  The Duo Discus has already been allocated to the Saturday evening Youth Group and P2s are being organised by their instructors and group leaders. Remember, if you are under 26, then there is that youth bursary fund to apply for.