Lasham Gliding Society is the umbrella organisation for a number of other smaller gliding clubs. Lasham provides airfield organisation, two seat and single seat fleet, launching facilities, hangarage and clubhouse facilities and much more. Whilst everyone flying at Lasham Airfiled must be a member of the Society they may also be eligible for membership of one or more of the the other clubs, each of which has been set up to promote gliding.
Southampton University Gliding Club
University club that flies at Lasham.
Southampton Gliding Club website can be found here
Imperial College Gliding Club
Imperial College Gliding Club has its own fleet of gliders based at Lasham Airfield.
Visit the Imperial College Club Website here
University of Surrey Gliding Club
Surrey University in Guildford is about 25 minutes away from Lasham airfield by car. One of the three Universities that fly from Lasham on a regular basis, Lasham provides facilities for the students to be introduced to flying, many of whom proceed to solo and beyond, whilst at the University. 
The University of Surrey Gliding Club Web site can be found here
Other Gliding Clubs
IBM Gliding Club
Employees of IBM are eligible to be members of this club and have their flying subsidised by IBM.
Vintage Gliding Club
A dedicated group of enthusiasts based at Lasham restore, maintain and fly an array of vintage gliders. They even have their own workshops and club house on the the airfield.
Visit their website here
Crown Services Gliding Club
Based at Lasham and running a small fleet of gliders, the Crown Services Gliding Club aims to provide an affordable way to go gliding at Lasham. Crown Services started as the Royal Aircraft Establishment Gliding Club at Farnborough but they now welcome anyone who will enjoy their small club ethos.
Visit their website here
We also have tenants on the airfield:
ATC Lasham
ATC Lasham Limited is the UK’s leading independent aircraft maintenance organisation. Incorporated in 1995, the company’s headquarters at Lasham Airfield was established by DAN-AIR in 1954 and has, for over three decades, been continuously used for the heavy maintenance of Boeing aircraft. Lasham now has four bays which are active throughout the year. 
Visit their website here
Southdown Aero Services
Southdown Aero Services offers a full range of repair, spares and maintenance services to glider, motor glider, power and microlight pilots alike.
Visit their website here
Black Hangar Studios
Black Hangar Studios is an exciting new U.K. Studio, based just 35 minutes from London, just outside of the M25. Featuring a 5,000 sq ft water tank, a 32,000 sq ft stage, workshops, aviation props, vfx, sfx, post production and a range of production servicing, as well as production offices.
Visit their website here