October 22, 2014

Goodbye old friend......

September 24, 2014

S&H Raid on Dunstable (or vice versa) many years ago

Recognise anyone?   I can see 1 x Wally Kahn trying to hide at the back!!

September 23, 2014



Lasham Airfield is NOT a giant Dog Loo!  

Dog Mess is an unavoidable by-product of owning a dog, and therefore it’s every owner’s moral duty and legal responsibility to clean up after their dog.

  • Always carry the means to clear up after your dog. Simple plastic bags have proved more convenient, effective and cheaper than a cumbersome poop scoop, and there are biodegradable options that are kinder to the environment. Your bags should be as unforgettable as a lead when you take your dog out.
  • EVERY time your dog fouls, bag it and bin it. The rain does not wash the problem away, as some lazy, anti-social people think, so bag and bin wherever.
  • Dogs cannot read signs, so it is your responsibility to keep them away from recreational areas.
  • Never let your dog out alone to toilet. This should go without saying, but it does happen. Apart from fouling, your dog could go missing.
It is every owner’s duty to clean up after their dog. There are no excuses. Fouling is unacceptable.
If you witness a dog doing its do-do somewhere then you as a member also have a responsibility to challenge the owner; please do so.

September 03, 2014


… In August there were 1644 Aerotows, which on a monthly basis, is the most aerotows we have done in 1 month since September 2007. And we have already passed the total annual figures for the last two years, with 2 months’ worth of aerotows still to go. Good Year!

September 01, 2014


We had a successful outing at Wings and Wheels with 39 Trial Flights sold over the weekend.  I did a quick radio podcasty thingy that you can listen to IF you are bored enough ...

There are however some absolutely FABULOUS photographs in the enclosed blog:




August 29, 2014


TAG Farnborough Airport have now published Part A of the Feedback Report. Everyone who submitted a response to the consultation should have received a link to the TAG Farnborough website.



August 19, 2014

Ceremony of Dedication - Kronfeld Orchard

You will be aware that Squadron Leader Robert Kronfeld AFC, the greatest gliding pioneer, was killed on 12th February in 1948 having been towed off from Lasham behind a Halifax four engined bomber, flying the General aircraft experimental tailless two seat glider GA56 Mark.   The glider developed an inverted spin and although his flight test observer was able to bail out, Kronfeld did not and was killed a few miles from Lasham at Lower Froyle.  

His son William (Bill) himself a long time flying member of Lasham sadly died recently and in his will bequeathed a sum of money which the Trustees of the  Lasham Trust have spent on twenty Apple, Pear and Plum trees , planted them in front of the clubhouse and we have created the “The Kronfeld Memorial Orchard”.   There is a memorial to the great man in Austria, the place of his birth, there are three in Germany where he did his pioneering flights but none in the UK where his contribution as an aviation inventor, test pilot and Farnborough boffin is itself well documented. Until now when we have put it right!   On Saturday afternoon, the 23rd August at 3.30 pm which happens to be the last Saturday day of the British Junior’s Championships, Bill’s widow Helen, her son Simon like his father himself a Lasham Gold C pilot will officially dedicate the Orchard to the memory of Robert Kronfeld and his son.   We will ask Helen to pick an apple, the first for many years to come.  We do hope that she will be well supported by Lasham members and friends.

The Royal Air Force Association are sending an honour guard with colours and requests that medals are worn.

July 29, 2014


I was too polite to ask the Ladies in the photo to partake in the "Guess the Age" competition!

Notables flanking Wally are both holders of the DFC.  Left is David Ince and Right is Hugo Trotter.

Back Row L to R:

Ralph Hooper, Roy Cross, Barry Nicholson, Dennis Johnson and Bob Ward.

Ladies L-R:

Valerie Sharpe, Margaret Johnson, Yvonne Ward and Kathy Phillips

July 23, 2014


This from the Basingstoke Gazette:


HOMES and businesses in villages to the south of Basingstoke will be the latest to benefit from a superfast broadband programme.

Phase three of the multi-million project will see superfast broadband delivered to an area that stretches from Winslade to Lasham Airfield, as well as either side of the A339, by the end of the year.

The scheme, run by Hampshire County Council and BT, aims to provide quicker internet access for homes and businesses in rural areas.

The latest phase, announced today, will see a total of 11,000 premises from Hampshire benefit.

Councillor Roy Perry, leader of the county council, said: “The roll-out of superfast broadband is fully on-track and I expect at least 95 per cent of homes and businesses in Hampshire to be able to access these services by 2017.

“Coupled with the recent announcement that Hampshire secured £1.2million to explore innovative solutions to take superfast broadband to some of the more remote and hardest to reach places in the county, we hope to see these services being available to even more of Hampshire’s residents.”

Peter Cowen, BT’s regional director, said: “Today’s announcement is another important milestone for a partnership which is making real progress.

“Working with our partners, we are able to bring this game-changing technology to locations where the economics and engineering challenges are that much greater.”

Areas in The Gazette area that have benefited from the scheme so far include Hook, Oakley and North Waltham.


July 21, 2014


I have a voucher that will entitle the bearer and a guest to a Grandstand and Paddock Admission Badge at Exeter Racecourse for any race meeting for the 2014 season (except 4 Nov 14).

I am auctioning it for the GHC.  Highest bid will win.

Closing date is Mon 28th and so contact me with your bid either direct (manager@lasham.org.uk) or via the office.