Lasham Airfield is a complex operation and so needs to ensure that its many users have the knowledge to use it safely and efficiently. The Lasham Airfield Manual is one of the ways that this information is communicated.

The manual was introduced on 1 January 2007. All full flying members have to confirm that they have read the pilot sections to renew their membership. However all material changes to the pilot sections after 1 December 2006 will be communicated to members via the Lasham Magazine. A limited number of printed copies are available on loan from the Lasham Office for reading in the club-house. The Tug Manual and its annex are also available separately.

The other sections are not mandatory reading for all members. Nevertheless many members will find these other sections important when gliding from Lasham and when using its facilities. Some additional non-mandatory sections are still being written.

Members can download whole sections from the Lasham web-site and these may be issued, for example to competitors/visitors from other clubs, but the material must not be extracted and used elsewhere without permission. The content of the manual must not be modified without clearance from the CFI.

Introducing Lasham

Operational Structure of Lasham Gliding Society

Trial Lesson Safety Notes 1

Trial Lesson Safety Notes 2


Advice for Parents Learning to Fly at Lasham 

Training Simulator

Tug Pilots

Tug Pilot Manual 2013

Tug Pilot Manual Annexe


Two seaters

Single seaters

All pilots

Health & Safety on the Airfield

Responsibilities of Pilots

Ground Handling

Care and use of parachutes

Local Flying Requirements

Movement of Jets

Code of Conduct

Winch launching



Cross Country


BGA Safety Management System

As a BGA club Lasham Gliding Society activities are guided by the BGA's Safety Management System. You can read more about the BGA's SMS here:BGA Safety Management System Manual