Lasham Gliding Society is the umbrella organisation for a number of other smaller gliding clubs. Lasham provides airfield organisation, two seat and single seat fleet, launching facilities, hangarage and clubhouse facilities and much more. Whilst everyone flying at Lasham Airfield must be a member of the Society they may also be eligible for membership of one or more of the the other clubs, each of which has been set up to promote gliding.

Imperial College Gliding Club

Imperial College Gliding Club has its own fleet of gliders based at Lasham Airfield.

Visit the Imperial College Club Website here

Lasham Vintage Gliding Club

Lasham Vintage Glider Club is one of the most active and ever present organisations on Lasham airfield. Based in a very cosy clubhouse at the western end of the airfield, this vibrant organisation has undergone somewhat of a renaissance in recent years and now boasts over eighty members.

Lasham VGC runs along very informal lines, a small club atmosphere inside the world’s largest, with great emphasis placed on socialising. Regular social events are held within the clubhouse; for example, most Thursday’s members congregate in the Lasham bar before heading down to the ‘hut’ as we like to call it for a meal. At other times we have had themed nights, which can take many shapes and forms, in the past few years we’ve had an ‘Allo Allo’ night, ‘Desert Island Discs’ night and rather infamously for one or two of us a Karaoke night as well. Occasionally, there is live music, which is always popular, partly because the club boasts very good acoustics.

Our Christmas dinner has attained legendary status on the airfield, here all guests contribute food and we sit down together for a massive meal where there is plenty for everyone.

Of course, we are a gliding club as well, and we have a very active gliding scene. We fly our gliders regularly during the season and on the first Sunday of each month those of us who are members of the Gliding Heritage Centre fly their gliders as well. We regularly travel to vintage gliding rallies in the UK and abroad taking our gliders, recently our members have flown in Denmark, Sutton Bank, the Mynd and Thame.

When we are not flying or partying there’s still plenty of work to be done in maintaining our aircraft and restoring new ones for flight and also the general upkeep of the hut and surrounding area. For glider work; we have our very own maintenance facility behind the hut. Over the last year a team of our members who own a Slingsby Sky have been restoring it back to airworthy condition, it is hoped to be flying again by the end of the year.

You do not have to be a member of the International Vintage Glider Club to be a member of Lasham VGC, membership is open to every Lasham member whether they are a full flying, weekday, or a social member.

We offer two levels of membership on a yearly basis:
  • Firstly, our Full membership allows you to access the hut and maintenance facilities, plus attend our social events. This costs £40 a year.
  • Secondly, if you are not interested in vintage gliding, or do not fly, but enjoy a good social craic then our Social membership is great option at £20 a year.

If you would like to know more, or to join us, get in touch with Julian Ben-David or Gary Pullen, or just speak to any of us and we’d be more than happy to tell you more.

Regardless of your background, interest or membership option; you will always be welcomed at Lasham VGC, so why not drop in and check us out.

Crown Services Gliding Club

Based at Lasham and running a small fleet of gliders, the Crown Services Gliding Club aims to provide an affordable way to go gliding at Lasham. Crown Services started as the Royal Aircraft Establishment Gliding Club at Farnborough but they now welcome anyone who will enjoy their small club ethos.

Visit their website here

Gliding Heritage Centre 


We also have tenants on the airfield:

2Excel Engineering

Building on over 60 years of engineering excellence at Lasham, 2Excel Engineering is establishing itself as the partner of choice for airliner maintenance and repair in the UK and Europe.

Visit their website here

Southdown Aero Services

Southdown Aero Services offers a full range of repair, spares and maintenance services to glider, motor glider, power and microlight pilots alike.

Visit their website here

Black Hangar Studios

Black Hangar Studios is an exciting new U.K. Studio, based just 35 minutes from London, just outside of the M25. Featuring a 5,000 sq ft water tank, a 32,000 sq ft stage, workshops, aviation props, vfx, sfx, post production and a range of production servicing, as well as production offices.

Visit their website here