The CoM:


L-R  Patrick Naegeli (Chairman), Nick Hoare (Vice Chairman), Nigel Mallender, Alix Pentecost, Matt Cook and Piers Rex-Murray.


The General Manager

Gavin Spink

Gavin Spink

Gavin is responsible for the day to day management of Lasham Gliding Society, and is generally available during office hours (Monday - Friday).

The Honorary Treasurer

John McCullagh

John McCullagh
John is the Honorary Treasurer of the Society and editor of Lasham's magazine, Rising Air


The CFI (Chief Flying Instructor)

Colin Watt
Colin has overall responsibility for all flying at Lasham, he is almost always on site and tries to make time to talk to members when he can.  However, being in charge of 22,000 flights, 500 members & 40+ instructors, it is a big job, so if he doesn't have time to chat, it's probably because he's got work to do!

The Deputy Chief Flying Instructor (DCFI)

Jordan Bridge
Jordan supports Colin in overseeing the busy flying operation at Lasham including working closely with our tenant's Air Traffic Staff for large commercial jet movements and delivering some of the advanced gliding courses. He also heads up the Winching/Airside Upkeep Team.

Staff Instructor

Sam Coole and Kevin Burns

Office Staff

L-R: Sharon W, Sharon F, Nathalie & Angela 
Sharon White, Sharon Farr, Nathalie Fordham and Angela McVie are the first people you're likely to speak to. The super efficient office staff who have the difficult task of looking after the members and making sure that everything that is meant to happen does! Sonia Evans is the Accountant.

Maintenance Staff

 Serena Lambre (Administration) and Finn Sleigh

Airfield Team

Paul Haliday, Andrew Mccausland and Patrick Clear.

Airfield Maintenance

Col Currie, Paul Osborne and Gary Pullen

Vehicle Maintenance

Mateusz Gocek


Barbara Chiverton