The length of time it takes to learn to fly a glider is dependent on a number of key factors.
  • Age 
  • Coordination
  • Aptitude
  • Confidence
  • Time between training
  • Previous experience
Typically most students learning to glide will do a combination of both winch launches and aerotows.  To go solo a student must be able to consistently demonstrate to their instructor that they are safe to fly on their own to do this the student will have to have shown:
  • Good coordination of stick and rudder
  • Good circuit planning - including landing from out of position locations
  • Sensible decision making when under pressure
  • Good judgement of height & distance
It normally takes between 80 - 120 flights to go solo, but occasionally some students learn much faster and others take longer.  
If you have previous experience flying powered planes, paragliders, hang gliders or other air/wind based sports you will have a slight edge over other students.