Most people that join Lasham Gliding Society do so after completing either a Trial Flight, the "Glider - Flying Start" which entitles you to 1 months' temporary membership or one of the 5/4 Day Learn to Glide Courses which includes 3 months membership.  Once that expires you can take up full membership without having to pay a joining fee.

Training Programme

After a course, there are 3 basic ways to continue your glider training at Lasham, all of which will involve you paying your normal flying fees of £12.85 winch launch + 80p/minute in K21 or £44.55 for an aerotow to 2000ft (+£4.60 / extra 500ft).

After joining the club your progress will be monitored through your logbook and progress card. Contact Lasham if you want more details of the training syllabus.

Online Booking System
You will also be given the login to the members area which will allow you to see the available training slots. Any bookings must be made by calling the Lasham Office. You can cancel the booking up to 4pm on the previous day. If you fail to turn up for your booking slot, £20 will be debited to your account. These slots can be used for pre-solo training, post-solo training and check flights. There are AM and PM slots available each day. Allocation of students to instructors for the AM slots take place at 0900hrs and 1400hrs for the PM slots.

Join an evening group
5 weekday evening groups (one dedicated to our Youth Group) (6pm till sunset throughout BST) - a very good to run through the pre-solo syllabus at Lasham with quiet conditions and the same instructors.