Anonymous Lasham Airfield Accidental Damage Report

This anonymous form should be filled in as much as possible so as to allow potential damage to any airframe, equipment, building or vehicle to be identified before it is used in a potentially dangerous state. 

There will be no follow-up to try and identify the person writing the form, or the person causing the damage if someone else reports it, by Lasham Gliding Society.  The sole purpose of introducing this form is to learn from those accidents / incidents which have been reported to try and prevent reoccurrence.







Date/Time of incident:

(Use type or hand write)









Brief Description of Event:
















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Aircraft Damaged

Glider/Tug Type:  e.g. Robin

e.g. tail number



Property Damaged

Vehicle type:  e.g. winch veh

e.g. veh registration or ID number



Description of any damage identified:








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