June 11, 2015



Get some cheap flying in on Saturday 20th Jun 2015 at the Longest Day event at Lasham.

First Launch available from 04:27 and there will be plenty of instructors available if you wish to come down for some training; last Launch much, much later ………

Winch Launches are only £5 (£3 for youth) from dawn till 10AM and from 6PM till dusk.

After 6PM there is an additional bonus in that you can have 1000’ free on Aerotow!  Aerobatics anyone?

Volunteers are required (before and after “normal” flying times) to do the normal stuff, winching, retrieving, instruct/supervise and to generally help out.  Offers of help to Peter Baldwin 07885 750942.  Hangar doors will be opened at 03:45 hrs and so first shift required at that time – set yer alarms.

The “Bruvvers” will be doing breakfast at the Launchpoint from first launch.  

This year we are again supporting Naomi House & Jacksplace hospices for children and young adults.  £1 from each winch launch and £2 from each Aerotow will be donated towards their fundraising efforts.

Even if you are not flying, come on down as there will a Fun Day too with some stands and stalls:

  • Face painting, Children’s Books and cards, The Bee Man, Gliding Heritage Centre, Naomi House, Tombola and even a visit from some Daleks!

You don’t have to come too early for the Fun Day; that should kick off about midday.