July 07, 2015

URGENT - CAA Survey on Medical Requirements

We recently advised you that the CAA had launched a consultation to ask if pilots would support a simpler and cheaper means of complying with pilot medical requirements, i.e. just holding a UK Group 1 driving licence - a normal car licence. Whilst it appears only to be beneficial to power pilots with UK licences, the importance goes much further than this as the CAA could propose to EASA that it be adopted for EASA licences in the future - including glider pilot licences. The BGA is working for that outcome. As a first step towards this the CAA need responses to the survey they are running and the closing date is 10th July - this Friday. The consultation is on:



and the survey is:




Please try to find time to complete the survey. It should not take you long, a lot less time than it takes to go to your GP or AME to get a medical carried out (and it could end up saving you a lot of money).