October 14, 2013

Winter Talks


Lasham came alive on Saturday night at the Cody talk.
85 people attended what was an enthralling presentation and judging by the number of people who came up and personally thanked John & Peter for the evening, it went down very well The Dine In was in the old traditional style with tablecloths, candles and best of all - waiter/waitress service The food was excellent and Matt said they served 50 covers, which meant the Clubhouse was in full swing for the rest of the night Thank you to everyone who participated and lets hope we see many more evenings like that over the coming months Next talk OCT 26th MAKING the MOST of the SOUTHDOWNS Start 6pm prompt !!! late comers can be very disruptive to the audience and distracting for the speaker(s) - so if you are late you could find yourself locked out - you have been warned !!
Warm regards,
PS Any comments welcome