About Lasham

Lasham is the largest gliding club in the world. With a membership of over 700 people, Lasham boasts a sizeable club fleet of 16 gliders, 5 tugs and over 230 private gliders located on the club-owned airfield. The airfield is in constant use throughout the year and regularly hosts national and regional gliding championships.

We welcome both beginners and experienced glider pilots. For beginners, we provide a training programme to progress pilots to get their licenses and beyond. For more experienced pilots we offer launching and glider storage. Lasham has an active community of cross-country pilots.

Our café, bar and public viewing area welcome members of the public.

The Society lets part of the land to an aircraft maintenance company (2Excel Engineering). This company uses the main runway several times a week to bring in airliners for overhauls and is the largest employer in the area.

Construction of the airfield was completed in 1942. In 1951 Surrey Gliding Club and Imperial College Gliding Club moved to the site. In 1959 this became Lasham Gliding Society.

Lasham Gliding Society is the umbrella organisation for several smaller gliding clubs: