Lasham proudly boasts one of the best gliding club fleets in the world. Our extensive range of aircraft is tailored to guide members from their initial training to solo flights and onward to cross-country soaring. As skills progress, members can transition to more advanced sailplanes.

  • 5x ASK21

    Our primary two-seat glider, the K21, is renowned for its safety and adaptability. These German-built trainers are ideal for ab-initio training.

  • 3x ASK13

    The predecessor to the K21. Primarily used for advanced training including spinning, as well as an alternate two-seater when all K21s are in use.

  • 1x Duo Discus XLT

    Equipped with a sustainer engine and primarily used for cross-country training. It is also taken on club expeditions, allowing members to experience flying from a different site.

  • 3x Grob 102

    Fibreglass construction single seater, very benign characteristics, similar to that of the K21. Usually the first single-seater our pilots will fly.

  • 3x Discus

    Higher performance, very popular and versatile cross-country glider. Flown by our qualified pilots once they meet a minimum experience level.


Falke motorglider

The Rotax Falke is utilised for field landing and navigation training, and providing a route for those interested in powered flight.

Avionics equipment

All our gliders are fitted with:

  • Oudie 2 (one for each pilot)
  • PowerFLARM
  • Radio
  • Electronic vario

This ensures the highest standard of safety and navigation equipment for our members.

Future additions

2x ASK21 (expected delivery: 2024 and 2025)

These exciting additions will finalize our fleet modernization plan, resulting in a total of 7 K21s.

  • 4x Robin DR400s

    A very popular aircraft for towing, used by hundreds of European gliding clubs.

  • 1x Piper PA25 Pawnee

    Originally used for crop dusting, its high power-to-weight ratio makes it great for towing gliders.

  • Member-owned towplanes

    Additionally, members contribute their towplanes, allowing us to mobilise up to 10 towplanes based on demand.


Lasham has a total of 3 SkyLaunch winches, all powered by an 8.2L V8 engine, and capable of launching gliders up to 3000ft above site.

  • 2x SkyLaunch 2

    One with dyneema cable and one with steel cable.

  • 1x SkyLaunch Evo

    A newer model, also fitted with dyneema cable. This is larger than the SkyLaunch 2, which gives the winch driver a better view of the airfield and facilitates easier maintenance.

Club glider registrations


  • G-CLWA '774': K21-B
  • G-CLOL '775'
  • G-CLSH '776'
  • G-CGAF '778'
  • G-DEHO '431'


  • G-DEVJ 'H'
  • G-DDLC 'C'
  • G-CFYY 'S'

Duo Discus XLT

  • G-CIJF '4'

G102s 'Baby Grobs'

  • G-DDNC 'SH6': Grob G102 Astir CS
  • G-CLUD 'SH7': Grob G102 Club Astir III B
  • G-DFEB 'SH8': Grob G102 Club Astir III


  • G-CHZE 'SH2': Discus CS
  • G-CFKM 'SH3': Discus B
  • G-CFUP 'SH4': Discus B