Visiting pilots

Lasham welcomes pilots from other clubs. There are a few ways you can start flying with us:

  • Reciprocal membership: for a member of another BGA club, limited to one 8-day period per year.
  • Full membership.

See charges and fees for pricing.

Then the procedure for flying with us depends which stage you are at in gliding:


Pre Bronze XC / SPL pilots

You will be placed into our training syllabus, at a suitable stage depending on the flying you have done so far. To fly solo you will need either a daily checkflight or be specifically authorised to fly without a daily check. See training programme for more information on our syllabus. 


Post Bronze XC / SPL pilots

Before flying solo at Lasham you will need to complete a few things:

  • Suitable checkflights at the discretion of CFI / DCFI.
  • Airfield briefing including airspace and jet movements.
  • Airspace familiarisation flight.

Once these are completed you are welcome to fly the Lasham club gliders, subject to currency requirements.

Also see club glider flying requirements.


Private owners

You will still need to complete the requirements for all post Bronze XC pilots. You will also need approval from the CFI and General Manager to bring your glider and trailer onto the airfield.