Lasham has one of the best (if not the best!) glider simulators in the UK. Our fixed base simulator features the latest virtual soaring software (Condor 2), customisable instruments for both pilots, as well as an Oudie 2 for practicing cross country tasks.

The Simulator can be used to help teach all parts of the syllabus: from your first attempt on the controls, to advanced cross country racing. Whilst it cannot replecate the sensations felt in real life, the simulator is useful for practicing most exercises before attempting in real life.

It is very popular on the wet weather days, but is also used to help with exercises that are difficult or unpractical to practice in real life. The simulator is free to use for members of Lasham.

The manual is also available in the simulator room.

The simulator is a very good training aid. Some advantages over real life include:

  • You can pause the flight. The use of a laser pointer allows in depth discussions and explanations of exercises, such as drawing attention to certain reference points or clouds.
  • Unlimited air time. You can continually add height as required, meaning landing is optional!
  • Exercises can be set up and repeated very quickly, allowing many more attempts than in real life.
  • You can simulate any conditions, such as changing the wind and/or thermal strength.
  • There is an exterior view, to show flight controls and their effects.
  • Lack of expense!

The lack of sensation in the simulator means that all exercises, especially thermalling, need to be practiced in real life as well. However all exercises can (and should) be practiced in the simulator to build up understanding.