Longest Day 2024

Longest Day 2024

Our much-anticipated longest day event returned for 2024. With sunrise at 4:50am, the first launch took off at 4:20am, thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers and staff who arrived between 3am and 3:30am to prepare the gliders and set up the airfield.

The inaugural flight of the day featured our brand-new K21-B, 773, flown by the current and former Deputy CFIs, Sam and Jordan. It was a stunningly clear morning with almost no wind, and the sky painted a bright orange as the sun began to rise.

We had a busy morning, with over 40 launches before 7am. Although Sunday wasn't the best soaring day, we still managed to achieve over 150 launches throughout the day.

The day finished with our weekly Sunday Evening Aerobatics, where we utilise the full length of the airfield to achieve higher winch launches, typically over 2000ft and sometimes reaching up to 3000ft. The last landing was perfectly timed, touching down half-an-hour after sunset at 9:53pm.

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make this year's longest day event a success. We look forward to seeing you next year to do it all again!

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