New Lasham Website

New Lasham Website

Over the winter, both myself (Sam Coole) and club member, Ruby Stocks, have been working hard to bring you a brand new website. Starting from scratch, we've developed a modern website that not only looks better but is also more user-friendly, especially on mobile devices.

One of the highlights of the new Club information area is the revamped airfield manual, which has been reformatted and updated to reflect our current procedures. I encourage you all to read through, there is lots of valuable information. Within the Club information area, you'll also find links to live and recorded daily briefings, the members' area & booking system, and lots of other useful links and information.

Additionally, we've overhauled nearly all the website content. For the pre-Bronze pilots, there is a now detailed Training Programme page. (Learn to fly -> Training programme)

From time to time, there will be updates under the News section, such as during competitions or for major milestones with the new clubhouse.

Many thanks to those who shared their photos for our website. Special thanks to David Edwards and Paul Haliday for their remarkable contributions, which you will see showcased throughout the site.

We're excited to unveil the new website, and I invite you to explore what it has to offer!

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