Single seater flying

Lasham Club Single Seaters

3x G102s "Baby Grobs": 
  • G-DDNC "SH6": Grob G102 Astir CS
  • G-CLUD "SH7": Grob G102 Club Astir III B
  • G-DFEB "SH8": Grob G102 Club Astir III
3x Discus:
  • G-CHZE "SH2": Discus CS
  • G-CFKM "SH3": Discus B
  • G-CFUP "SH4": Discus B

All the above gliders are fitted with a PowerFlarm, moving map, radio and electronic variometer. They also have serviceable Cobra trailers with rigging aids and tow-out equipment.

See Charges & Fees for soaring fees by glider type.

Before flying any club single seaters, pilots must ensure they meet the requirements below.

Flying Requirements

 Local Flying

Cross Country



20 solo flights, including 2 solo aerotows

Current on ASK21 and aerotow

Check flight and briefing (With Assistant or Full rated Instructor)

SH6: Bronze + XC Endorsement, 20 hrs solo.

+ 5 flights on type

+ 5 hours on type

+ XC endorsement

+ CFI/DCFI authorization

+ Observed spot landing


CFI/DCFI Approval

Bronze + XC Endorsement

20 hrs solo, including 10 hours in G102/similar.

Type conversion carried out by approved instructor

+ 5 flights on type

+ 5 hours on type

+ Silver distance

+ CFI/DCFI authorisation

+ Field landing refresher

+ Observed spot landing

Visiting pilots flying the Discuses must have a completed Silver "C" and 75 hours P1. Visiting pilots will be assessed by the CFI/DCFI on a case-by-case basis.

All type conversions are on aerotow.  A minimum of two aerotows are required before conversion to the winch.

Unlimited Soaring

Lasham offers an unlimited single seat soaring package for £960.50 per year. Assuming you are flying the Discus, this will save you money after just 22 hours of soaring, and can be paid in monthly installments.

Additional Information for members

If you have booked a glider, you are responsible for it until you either hand it over to someone else or put it away. When putting away gliders, put the batteries on charge and place the parachute in the store. Remove any bugs from the leading edges of the wings/tailplane and clean any mud from underneath the glider. Buckets, sponges and a hose are available at the front of the hangar.


Any defects should be reported to engineering either in person or by email:, and noted in the DI book. Any major defects that make a glider unairworthy should be reported to the CFI/DCFI or duty instructor.


Parachutes for the single seaters are stored on the left hand side of the parachute store. The Discuses have “Softie” parachutes. The Grobs use the other blue or red single seater parachutes.


Each Discus has its own Cobra or Swan trailer. As the gliders are stored in here - they are very important. If there is an issue with any of these trailers, this should be reported in the same way as a glider defect.

The Grobs SH7 & SH8 have a shared Cobra trailer, and a spare older style trailer. SH6 has its own metal trailer. 

Do not drive a trailer with any significant defects! You should ensure the trailer for your glider is serviceable before flying cross-country.

Tow-out gear

The Discuses have tow-out gear which is kept in the front of the trailer, this is where it should be kept when not in use. Unless specifically required, it is recommended to use a normal gator and rope, with the tail tolly attached to make turning easier. 

BGA Ladder

If you complete any cross country in the club gliders, we encourage you to take the trace and upload to the BGA ladder. This not only looks good on Lasham, but you can see how you flight compares to others, and aim to work your way up the ladder as you gain more experience!


For any technical questions regarding the single seaters, speak to a member of the flying staff. For questions on bookings and charges, speak to the office.